Video Footage Vindicates Black Woman After She Was Detained

A Black woman saw charges against her dropped after a video footage revealed she didn’t commit any crime.

A Black woman was arrested in northeast Washington D.C. for possession of an open container of alcohol; however, the charges against  her were dropped following the release of the  body worn camera footage which proved her innocence.

The availability of dash or body cam footages has played a big role in recent cases concerning police shootings and police brutality in the country, as they have helped to expose cops who endeavor in these vile acts. George Lyon, the attorney, said the case was “an average run of the mill case.”


Lyon asked his client if the police had body cams during her arrest, he pressed on to acquire the footage, which eventually showed that the alcohol was nowhere close to her at the time of the arrest and she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“She couldn’t even get to it,” said Lyon. “It wasn’t within her car.”


However, the video footage showed that the officer arrested her for having an attitude. One of the cops was heard in the footage saying, “You got an attitude? OK, you can come with us, too.”

The video footage showed that the Black woman managed to prove not only her innocence but also her right to freedom of speech.

“People have the right to have an attitude and not get arrested,” Lyon said.

Washing D.C. police are all now required to have their body cams on at all times; over 1000 Washington D.C. officers use them.


Body cam footage sets a Black woman free. Could this be a good sign? Maybe. This  seemingly insufficient case maybe a warning for the cops who are ready to lie about the cause of arrest or just target Black people. On the other hand,  we’ll have to continue to observe, as these officers are so unpredictable with the way they always try to maneuver situations. Cops are fond of turning their body or dash cams off in altercations with Black people. Besides that, not a word has been said about the punishment for the biased officer. Justice has prevailed in this case but it’s not the order of the day just yet.

Source: The Grio
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