Racist America: Bank Humiliates Black Architect After Depositing Paycheck

A Black woman was interrogated and humiliated by a bank, moments after she deposited her paycheck into her account

In a Facebook post, architect Trish Cole Doolin expressed her disgust at how she was treated by a bank. She stated that she moved to Seattle in September to work as a Job Captain in architecture at Nelson Connections. Earlier this week, Doolin received a call from an employee of Key Bank, stating that there was a “problem” and she needed to return to the bank just minutes after she deposited her paycheck into her account.

Doolin said that the bank employee, Thor Loberg believed she was a suspicious person: a thought prompted by the kind of questions he asked her. He treated her like she had stolen something. He searched for the name of her company on Google, called the HR to confirm if she worked there or not and asked for her personal desk number.

The architect was subsequently told by the bank that her paycheck was going to be placed on hold for nine days due to the fact that her account had not been open for thirty days and the bank had to verify the funds.

“When I realized that I was defending who I was, trying to prove to someone I didn’t know who I was, I knew I was being discriminated against, it was just completely demeaning,” she said.

“I live in a world where, no matter what’s in my brain or purse, no matter how I wear my hair, no matter how fabulous I look when I walk out the door, I’m still black. People still clutch their purses when I walk past,” she added.

It takes very little for racist America to humiliate someone, especially Blacks. Doolin later posted on Facebook that she received “an apology via phone from the executive office at Key Bank.” However, the apology might be a little late, as Doolin has already planned to change banks.

Fighting racism in our society has already been made difficult by several systemic factors; adding banks to the mix could only make the fight a lot harder. We can’t continue to face racism almost everywhere we go in this nation. Would all these come to an end if all Black people lived together in a community? We must ban racist enterprises and encourage black-owned ones.

Source: TheRoot
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