Black Celebrities: Jay-Z Speaks About Steps To End Police Brutality

Black American Rapper Jay-Z recently spoke about his new documentary series, Kalief Browder which is about to hit the TV screens soon.

The new business union between Black American, Jay-Z and Weinstein Company has given birth to a new documentary series which is targeted at ending police brutality in America. The documentary focuses on 16-year-old Black American, Kalief Browder who was imprisoned on Rikers Island.


Browder was in prison for three years without a conviction. The frustrated Black teen who suffered from emotional breakdown later committed suicide. The new documentary series promises to take viewers through the life of the Black teen; his struggles and pain.

Jay-Z has joined a host of African American celebrities to call for an end to the rampant brutality cases in America.  On October 6, the rapper held a press conference to brief the public about the new program and what he intends to achieve with it.

Rapper Jay-Z was asked by a CNN reporter, what he thought was the best way to end police brutality against Black Americans. In his response, the Black American rapper and businessman placed emphasis on the need for mutual respect from both law enforcement and civilians.


He further said, “When you have compassion for what someone goes through — we’re all looking for a short embrace at time,” the rapper says. “Judgment is the enemy of compassion. When you are able to identify that…we’re all not perfect, we may make mistakes. All of us, every single one of us.”

He also added that there was the need for compassion on the part of both the law enforcement and Black people.  He said, “When you have compassion for what someone’s going through and their plight, my personal belief, having the camera on someone creates more distrust,” he continues. “When we have an exchange and it has to be recorded, something’s wrong there, something’s broken. A camera can’t fix a relationship between a person that’s hired to protect and serve and society. There has to be a relationship. There has to be respect on both sides.”

We are exceptionally glad that the African American celebrities have added their voice to end this horror in America. Cop brutality against Black Americans isn’t just an issue for Blacks; it is a concern for the entire nation; hence, the need to quickly fix it. We appreciate the effort of Jay-Z to call for an end to this horror. Nonetheless, the issue of police brutality seems to be far from over. Until white cops learn to respect Black Americans and see them as humans whose lives matter, this menace might continue for a while. The issue doesn`t seem to be the uniform but the color behind the uniform. Whites only use the police service as a legitimate avenue to execute their daibolic plans against Blacks.

Source: BET
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