Black Man Sues Cop After Illegal Cavity Search

Black Man, Kevin Campbell, takes legal action against Allen Park Police officer after reported Illegal cavity search.

A Detroit man feared for his life after an encounter with an Allen Park Police officer in Michigan due to the recent police brutality cases and violent arrests  in the country – where Black men have been murdered by police officers without substantial reasons.

Kevin Campbell suffered through humiliation and horror after he was pulled over by a police officer, Daniel Mack, for driving with a suspended license and was taken to the police station, where the officer illegally performed a body cavity search on him.

A video of what happened in an Allen Park Police jail cell has surfaced and it shows the officer ordering Campbell to pull his pants down because he believed the Black motorist hid something in his as*. Mack forced Campbell to follow his orders, as he said: “We either do this the easy way or the hard way.”

Campbell and his attorney David Robinson have filed a lawsuit against the city of Allen Park Police and Officer Mack, stating that the officer’s actions were completely out of line. It was also reported that the officer didn’t include the body cavity search in his report, which is another misdemeanor committed by Mack because the law requires to include any frisk or search performed by officers in police reports.

“It was very dehumanizing, what he did was unconstitutional, violated my civil rights and violated me as a man period. My fear switched over to me wondering ‘am I really going to make it out of here alive,’” Campbell said.

Robinson claimed that the body cavity search is one of the worst kinds of intrusion that could be done by any public officer anywhere in the world. He also said that an officer must have a valid search warrant before proceeding to perform a body cavity search.

“The only person who can do the searching according to the statute is the person that is [a] licensed medical professional! It doesn’t happen in anybody’s holding cell, in the jail,” said Robinson.

It’s another case of cops abusing power, as Officer Mack’s actions were uncalled for and he totally violated Campbell’s rights. The treatment the victim received was more than wrong, as Mack who lacked skill and competence put Campbell’s health in danger. The situation itself suggests we still live in the times of slavery when the “quality” of the slaves in the market was checked with the help of different disgusting examinations.

Source: WXYZ
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