How To Become Cop: It Takes More Training Time To Become Barber Than Cop In Some States

Becoming a police officer requires less training time than becoming a barber in several states.

At a time when the accountability of police officers has come under huge public scrutiny, following several cases of misdemeanor, abuse, brutality and others, the question that always lingers is: are the police well trained?

Recently, while CNN was covering the recent protests in Charlotte, North Carolina, they got to speak to a resident, Derrick Jacobs, who is a barber by profession. He disclosed that he had to go through more hours of training to become a barber than the number of training hours required to become a police officer.

After some fact checks, it turned out that Jacobs was absolutely right. However, the training requirement for police officers stretches out to other states like; California, New Mexico and New York. It takes much lesser time to join the police force than to use a pair of barber shears.

Now the issue is, it’s not just barbering, but several other trade jobs require more hours of training time to get a license than it takes to become a cop. Although, many police departments often decide to push for more hours past the state’s requirement.

It’s astonishing to see how little training one needs to join the police force. In North Carolina, It takes 1,528 hours to become a licensed barber, while the police are required to have 620 hours of training.

If you want to have a career as a licensed cosmetologist in California, you are required to have about 1,600 hours of training, but earning badge will take you 664 hours of academy training and 14 weeks of field training.

Louisiana has got one of the lowest minimum hourly requirements for police training, as it commands 360 hours of training for cops, while licensed manicurists need 500 hours of training.

It’s obvious that these states need new requirements for how to become a cop, because these present requirements are just mind-boggling, to say the least. Now this partly explains why cops show such poor judgment in many cases. For instance, handling mentally unstable people: how many Black mentally ill people have died at the hands of police officers? A reform is needed!

Source: TheGrio
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