20-time Grammy winner and Proud Queen-Diva Be goes political with her “Formation”

Empire Diva Beyonce, has been the center of talk worldwide for her new “Fomation” , which is being described as political and Black after its release over the weekend.

The world-famous billion dollar brand pop star, Queen Be, has been famous for her breathtaking and sensational perofomances.
In her latest music video, Beyonce swings in mightily, exhibiting her heritage and daring stereotypes and social injustice against Blacks.

“Formation”, undoubtedly focuses on “black identity”, as Beyonce justifies her authority as a proud Black woman and concurrently authenticating her roots and history. As seen in the masterpiece vidoe, Queen Be interplays between power and helplessness, agency and victimization.

The video “Formation” shoots up Beyoncé low key profile on politics and especially in theses troubling times for Blacks, her activism. It is now clear that she has, indeed been paying vigilant attention to all the brutality going on and around, firmly refuses to let anyone impinge her culture.

Beyonce plays tribute to the people who lost their lives in the Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans. From another point, Beyonce was sending out a message to all black women, mustering them to come together in solidarity and fight against brutality on women.

From “Formation”, she blends in the word , “in”, “Let’s get in formation,” and then word-forms “information”, as she slightly says , let us get more education as to who we are and where we are heading to.

The many times you listen to “Formation”, the more you realise that being black should mean, having power, obtaining empowerment and this is exactly what the black community needs. Especially in times like these.

From a “Formation” point of Blacks, “Formation” is not “Anti-White” or “Anti-Police” hate song, but rather a Pro-Black anthem against the struggles in the lives of Blacks today.

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