Police Fatal Killing: Officer Betty Shelby Is Known For Using Excessive Force

Justin Green, the Tulsa County Deputy has disclosed that Betty Shelby similarly used lethal force in 2010 when she was serving a warrant to a suspect.

The Tulsa County Sheriff has revealed that Betty Shelby worked for them for four years until her joining the police service in 2011. It is on record that during the time she worked there, she was involved in an incident in which she used excessive force.

Shelby who was in the company of other deputies had gone to serve a warrant to a suspect in 2010. Although the situation didn’t call for the use of guns, Shelby and her colleagues pulled out their guns and searched for the suspect.

Meanwhile, the Governor of Tulsa, Mary Fallin has called on all aggrieved members of the public to hold back and remain calm as the authorities carry out investigations into the case. Gov. Fallin expressed her support and condolence to family and friends.

Furthermore, the Tulsa governor mentioned that the Chief of Police, Chuck Jordan has promised transparency and fairness in the investigations.

“#FireBettyShelby,” is the demand of some 200 protesters who gathered on Tuesday at the police department to demand justice.

Officer Betty Shelby is a white cop responsible for killing an innocent Black man whose vehicle was stalled at the side of the road on Friday night .

Now, the procedure for selection into the police force is questionable. If not, how can the officials not know that Shield has a record of the use of excessive force?  What happened to the background checks they conduct on all employees? Are we actually safe in the hands of the police? How long are we going to suffer from police fatal killings? It shouldn’t be that a Black man should lose his life before we call for actions to be taken. We call on police authorities to arrest Betty Shelby immediately.

Source: Koco


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