David Simon Receives Backlash For Using The N-Word.

‘The Wire’ creator was heavily criticized and condemned for the use of the N-word in a message he wrote on his twitter page.

The white journalist, David Simon who is popularly known for his HBO series, “The Wire” and “Treme” faced the wrath of some section of the public for using the N-word in his twitter message.

He wrote, “Hannity my nigga! If they couldn’t get Ta-Nehisi or Deray to host, then who but you on the pulse of black America?”  Simon wrote this message in response to the fact that Sean Hannity was to host the Republican presidential nominee’s town hall meeting on September 21st. According to reports, Simon thought the meeting centered on core issues and concerns of African-Americans hence the need for a Black to be the best person to moderate the event.

Though his argument may be considerable, the way he went about it didn’t please readers. Knowing the kind of journalist he is, his action actually came as a surprise to many. Simon is fully aware of the impact of structural racism on the Black community. Nonetheless, he seems not to accept the fact that it is still improper to use the n-word even in a jovial way.

David Simon’s action is a total disregard for the emotions of Black people. This reveals that whites think that there is absolutely nothing wrong in using racial slurs against Black people. They still think it is improper to forbid the use of the N-word.

Moreover, why should anyone even joke with matters that cause others pain? Blacks still suffer from racism and under no circumstance should people make a mockery of such issues. Racism isn’t funny!

Source: Colorlines


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