Event To End Black Criminal Stereotype At Middle School Fictitiously Cancelled

A peaceful protest by teachers of John Muir Elementary school for a call to an end of Black criminal stereotype was cancelled by authorities.

Teachers of the John Muir Elementary school were thrown into a state of shock when their rather peaceful protest was revoked by the school authorities due to an alleged security concern. Teachers of the school had planned an event tagged, “Black Men Uniting to Change the Narrative.”
According to Luke Duecy, the district spokesman, the school had received a call asking for the cancellation of the event due to the safety of the students and participants. This was after the event was published by some news agencies such as the Fox News, Breitbart, and the Daily Caller.

The police have since then promised the school of their support to beef-up security if the event should be scheduled for a later date.
The peaceful protest was to serve as a call to end Black criminal stereotype in the U.S. The teachers who have planned to be clad in Black Lives Matter T-shirts with the inscription, “We Stand Together,” still gathered at the school despite the cancellation of the event. They stood at the entrance of the school and exchanged pleasantries with the students as they made their way to the school premises.

The event was to be attended by about 100 Black men. The “Black Men Uniting to Change the Narrative” protest was an act of solidarity with the Black community.

A statement released on Thursday by the Seattle Education Association stated that “The Seattle Education Association believes that closing the opportunity gap for black and brown students is essential to our educational mission.” The union of teachers further stated in the letter; “In standing with the Black Lives Matter movement, educators at John Muir and Leschi elementary schools are engaging with and supporting students and their families on issues of race and equity that critically affect their daily lives.”

No matter how the people of America deem the issue of racism, it is still a problem they need to deal with. Pretending as though it doesn’t exist yet many suffering for it isn’t the way to go. Moreover, there is a clear display of hypocrisy and pretense in this case. When did the safety of school children become a matter of interest for the white government? When school children, particularly Black kids were being assaulted by school cops, the issue of their security wasn’t mentioned. Now that there is an event to protect their civil right, they pretend to be interested in the safety of the children, trying every means to call off the peaceful protest. But this wouldn’t deter us from speaking against racism in America. We will stand against the horror of Black criminal stereotype.

Source: Thegrio.com

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