Black Female Teacher’s Outfit Stirs Social Media Hullabaloo

The beautiful picture of Patrice Brown, a fourth-grade teacher has been greeted with mixed reactions from the public.

The Instagram picture of the Atlanta Black Female teacher has gone viral some few moments after it was posted. While some acknowledged the beauty of the Black woman, some other critics have descended heavily on the teacher, criticizing her outfit.

The hashtag #teacherbae has become a popular inscription on twitter as a result of Brown’s picture. Brown uploaded a picture of her which was taken at the school where she teaches. The photo has since attracted both admirers and critics. Whereas some people acknowledge her beauty and hourglass figure, others have condemned her for dressing inappropriately.

The critics have raised concerns about her capability to teach the students. They also added that her mode of dressing will only serve as a distraction for the students.
This mixed reaction from the public typically portrays the public’s view about the roles of women; especially Black women. The capabilities of women are usually centered on the way they look. A survey in the UK in 2015 revealed that female managers who dressed less conservatively were preferred over those in the same position who dress more conservatively.

Some people debunk the assertion of Brown’s critics by saying that they are only sexualizing the beautiful Black figure, therefore, a complaint has nothing to do with her outfit. Moreover, they added that if the same outfit was worn by a white female teacher, the critics will have seen nothing wrong with it.

“Throughout history, it has been expected of the Black woman that her time, her life’s work and her body be used to satisfy other people. So the Black women’s body has been seen as something to be enjoyed by others, but not celebrated herself unless it appeals to the mainstream patriarchal view,” the founder of said during an interview with the Atlanta Black Star.

Black women are usually depicted in the media as objects of sexual attraction, and this has to do with the history of slavery. In times past, white people have considered the sexuality of Black women as their bona fide property.

It is obvious the critics have no case at all. There is a need for them to be awakened to the fact that the Black woman is naturally endowed with a curvy figure. Moreover, the issue about sexiness is very relative. We can all not look the same in the same outfit. It is clear her outfit isn’t provocative. I also believe that the school has a code of conduct therefore if she had breached it, she would have been penalized. So until then, she has not flouted the rule.

Source: Think progress
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