Colorado Police Tases Black Man With His Hands Up

A footage making rounds exposes yet another brutality unleashed on an unarmed Black man by an Aurora, Colorado police officer.

A body camera video posted by the ACLU of Colorado shows a police officer using a stun gun on an unarmed Black man. The incident which happened in February wasn’t released until September 8.

The footage shows Darsean Kelley who was in the company of another man being tased in the back while he had his hands up. The video of the February 19th incident included a text which narrated the event.

According to the video, the officers had arrived at the scene in response to a distress call about a man who had pointed a gun at a child. The call didn’t give any details about the alleged ‘gunman.’

When the police arrived, they met Darsean Kelly and his friend standing on the footway. Instantly, the officers instructed them to place their hands behind their heads and turn around which they obeyed.

With his hands behind his head, Kelly enquired from the officer the reason for his arrest but he refused to answer. After he was denied explanation to his detention despite asking repeatedly, he said, “I know my rights!” Just at that instant, the officer tased Kelly in the back, causing him to fall heavily on his back onto the street.

In the video, Kelly could be heard telling the officer that they are witnesses. But the arrogant police officer answered, “It’s all on video, sweetheart.”

Surprisingly, Kelly was arrested on counts of misconduct for failing to obey a lawful order. Moreover, the officer added that he applied excessive force because he thought Kelly was reaching for a weapon.

On the other hand, the ACLU has filed a motion with the municipal court, dismissing the case. They stated that Kelly was wrongfully detained and arrested.

It seems the only approach police officers use towards Black people is unwarrantedly excessive force and brutality. It never seizes to amaze me how these monsters get to put on the police uniforms. Looking at the video, the man complied with all of his orders but as it is in America, a police encounter with a Black person is never complete until any form of brutality is vested on that Black person.

After all that happened, he had the guts to rather press charges against the person he brutalized without a cause. Is this a form of ‘jungle judicial system’ being run in America?

Source: ColorLines

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