White Lives Matter Listed As A Hate Group

The White Lives Matter group has been deemed a hate faction and will be considered a nuisance to the society

White Lives Matter is a slogan we have been seeing and hearing about for a while now. As it turns out, it isn’t just a slogan, but a faction formed by a bunch of white supremacists who believe celebrating their ‘whiteness’ is needed.

The White Lives Matter group was apparently acknowledged as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), following the group’s recent march in front of the NAACP office in Houston, during which they called for the BLM movement to be dissolved. In a released statement on the civil rights organization’s website, it was stated that the organization plans to add the faction to its hate group list and map.

SPLC gave more information as to why they have made the decision to list the White Lives Matter Group as a hate group.

“White Lives Matter is a white supremacist group founded by people with long histories in racist movements. The group, which is dedicated to ‘the promotion of the white race,’ claims to have representatives in several states, which the SPLC is currently investigating. A full list of White Lives Matter chapters will be released in February 2017 along with all hate groups for that calendar year.”

The decision made by the SPLC has been met by criticism from some members of the hate group. A member, Rebecca Barnette, a Tennessee native, spoke to Fox 17 reporters, as she talked about the group.

“WLM is not a hate-group but rather a celebration of the white race,” she said. “There are ways we as citizens and owners of our fate can take a stand against these plagues on our people promoting white genocide.”

A senior member of SPLC, Mark Patoc, has spoken about the organization’s decision, saying that it’s “quite literally neo-Nazis who think white people are the cream of the earth and that marginalized groups — such as Black people, Muslims, and gay people — are their enemies.”
White Lives Matter is a white supremacist group and they deserve to be named as a hate group because they really are. BLM is a group that was formed to stand for Black solidarity and to defend the Black people from the systematic hate and oppression we get in our society, and not for some bogus reason to celebrate ‘Blackness’ like the WLM group, which celebrates the white race and seeks for dominance in the society.

Source: vibe

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