Black Men Give Connecticut Elementary Students ‘Back-To- School’ Reception

What the ‘Calling All Brothers’ group did on day one of school was priceless

Black men in suit gave a warm welcome to students of Connecticut. The priceless moment given to the young promising students was masterminded and led by Pastor A. J. Johnson, the minister at Urban Hope Refuge Pentecostal Church.

The Black men, who numbered over 200 showed up at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Hartford, Connecticut, stirred the achieving and aspiring zeal in the elementary students.

In an up-close interview with the leader of the group, this is what he had to say: “In the media, Black men are portrayed as thugs, killers and the victims of shootings by police,” he told the newspaper. “It’s important for the kids to see positive men of color.”

A quick addition to what the leader of the group said, the 36-year-old Damien Irving, an insurance underwriter said “I’m from the community, and I managed to escape it. It’s important for me to come back to show that these kids can do the same.”

In such an abandoned Black-populated area, the King Elementary school is in a deplorable state and faces the threat of being closed down. We often than not hear issues of schools in poor communities being closed down day in and out.

Indeed in such deplorable state of the schools, the only option is to close down and relocate the students. And again, in such places, quality of education is really low with less opportunity for children to be educated. This, therefore, renders the future of these children in great jeopardy.

We, therefore, press on and continue the fight for good quality education for our counterparts in poor areas because we believe that there must be equal opportunities for all and not for a selected few.

Source: Newsone

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