Cops Arrest Black People During A Vigil For Sylville Smith

A group of people gathered near the place where Sylville Smith was arrested by the police in August for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.

America is currently standing on a precipice and whether or not it goes over the edge or slowly climbs down from the dangerous heights it has reached, depends squarely on how the government handles the rising tensions between the fractions of its population.

At least ten people were arrested Tuesday night during a vigil held in memory of Sylville Smith, a Black man, who was shot and killed by the police on August 13. Milwaukee police received complaints about groups of people gathering at the place of his death. The police arrived at the scene and requested the crowd to disperse. After the assembled sympathizers had refused to go, the police went ahead and arrested them. The charges ranged from disorderly conduct to resisting an officer.

That’s what Police Chief Ed Flynn had said in an interview with CBS 58 News a day before the arrests.

“Sherman Park’s been restored to its residents. Right now we are continuing to work through peacemakers and community workers to make sure the scene of the incident is restored to residents as well. They don’t want to have continuous vigils as they go to their front yards and try to get to work and get a good night’s sleep.”

With the current frenzy surrounding the issue of police brutality, one has to believe it is nearing its climax, and change is afoot. But whether this change will be for better or worse is still left to be seen. However, the change seems inevitable, as the citizens of color have had enough of police using their authority to bully civilians.

Black people do not trust the police, and this was before many videos surfaced exposing the ugly treatment the officers meted out to them. For most African-Americans  American justice has never existed, for others, it simply slowly died over the years. By these arrests, the authorities are just showing their helplessness, as they still have nothing to offer the community, except sharing the sad fate of Sylville Smith and many Black people like him.

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