Black Woman Manhandled By Police Sues Austin City

Breaion King, a Texas teacher, was abused by the police after she was stopped for a traffic offense.

When most Americans get pulled over for speeding, they get ticketed. You rarely get arrested for breaking the speed limit. That, however, is not the case for African-Americans. The recent incident involving Breaion King further proves this.

In the video, she gets violently pulled from her car and thrown on the ground, after which a brief scuffle between her and the arresting officer occurred. After she is finally handcuffed, she gets dragged into the squad car with her arm held awkwardly by the officer in an obvious attempt to cause her pain.

A conversation caught on tape between King and one of the officers that arrived on the scene after the arresting officer radioed in the incident was particularly disturbing.

Officer Patrick Spradlin: Why are so many people afraid of Black people?

Breaion King: I am also trying to figure that out.

Officer Patrick Spradlin: I can give you a really good idea why it might be that way, violent tendencies. Some of them, because of their appearance and whatnot, some of them are very intimidating.

This would be one more story about a Black person assaulted by police, but Ms. King’s status and reputation helped her to attract the needed attention to the problem. The incident caused massive protests in the city.

Knowing that justice is on her side, Breaion King decided to sue the city for the damages and the sum of the suit is said to ‘probably exceed’ $1 million. She also included the claim that her request to meet city officials including Mayor Steve Adler received no answer.

It is common for many people after enduring such abuse by the police not to speak out due to fear, but Ms. King  has been very vocal about her ordeal.  We applaud her bravery for fighting for justice and not letting matters lie because every successful suit will be important not only for one person but for all Black people in the country .

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Source: Fox News
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