LAPD To Start Outreach Program For Families Of Those Killed By LAPD Cops

The program is the first of its kind in the country; it is aimed at helping the families of those killed by police get easy access to information or whatever else they might need with ease.

It has recently been brought to our collective consciousness through social media and various other avenues that America is far from perfect. In 2016 racism is still very much an issue. But today we wish to talk about another enormous issue; police brutality.

Over the years, the number of people shot and killed by police has been steadily increasing. And a vast catalogue of mobile phone and police dashboard cam videos detailing many of these tragedies has made the use of excessive force by police a very hot public debate. And as with all public debate, there are a vast number of opinions.

This has put the spotlight on many police departments, with most of them being unable to withstand scrutiny of such level. Police chiefs have lost their jobs, police commissioners have been forced to resign, and there have been many police reforms. However the problem remains largely unsolved, because no concrete step has been taken to check the massive authority bestowed on police officers.

The LAPD is one department that has been under heavy criticism lately. In a classic move to protect itself, the department will start an outreach program to help families of those killed by the LAPD cops.

Normally, investigations of police shootings take months, and details of the investigations are kept private. Many families have complained that the department makes it difficult for them to bury their loved ones, as the issuance of death certificate is incredibly slow. For families looking for closure, it is almost impossible for them to have access to the medical examiner’s report to know the cause of death.

The program is aimed at helping these families get access to such files with ease. However they still won’t be privy to details of the investigations due to its confidential nature. On the surface it sounds good, except nothing much will be different. We want to see real reforms. If cops stop shooting unarmed people, if they are adequately trained, there won’t be a need for programs like these.

Source: The Root

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