Woman with Asperger’s shot dead by police

A 24-year-old woman with Asperger’s who posted a touching viral video with her service dog last summer was shot dead by police.

Feb. 04,2016


Arizona police officers on Thursday shot Danielle Jacobs, when they arrived at her vicinity around 11 am for an alleged suicide call.

The story is always the same when it comes to police and guns. According to the police, Danielle attacked them with a knife, so in self-defense, they shot her in the stomach. The mother said she wasn’t posing any threat before the police came, and so it wasn’t necessary for a shot.

Last year’s video post, where she sobs as her loving dog Samson provided comfort during a meltdown and used his paws to stop her hitting herself, made Jacobs popularly known by the world.

“This is what having Asperger’s like,” she wrote alongside the clip, and told the Huffington Post, “When I have a meltdown, I often have self-injurious behavior and I often self-harm.”

The video is private, even though three days before her death she posted videos of the canine comforting her during outbreaks of anxiety.

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