Please Do Not Comment On Black Music Anymore Says Kanye West To White Publications

As Kanye release “The Life Of Pablo” on Tidal, publications such as The New York Times and Pitchfork give a detestable review on his latest album.

On Thursday February 11, the mystically gifted hip hop star debuted his album “TLOP” at the Madison square garden where thousands were present and over 20 million streaming live on Tidal. Later, during the week, he tweeted that the album will never be for sale; at least you can subscribe and stream it on #tidal.

After his performance on “Saturday Night Live”, the New York Times shortly made a review describing it as oozy. This isn’t really about the music. Today’s publications are based on race, always blacks against whites and the majority rule always apply.

Could this be the reason to antagonize? You might not like the Black music Mr. White but it would be best if you just didn’t say a word on it because it’s something you just don’t get -It’s everything. Why trouble the black?

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