Mother Of Black Woman Shot Dead In Back Of Cop Car: It’s Cover Up

We talk to Felicia Christian, the mother of Alexia Christian killed by Atlanta police while sitting at the back of a patrol car

On April 30th 2015, Alexia Christian was gunned down by 2 Atlanta cops in the back of their patrol car. She had been arrested on suspicion of stealing a truck. The cops allege that somehow Alexia was able to free her hands from handcuffs and fire at them with a stolen weapon. Despite lots of cameras being available at the scene, the tragic events surrounding the shooting remain a mystery. Today we talk to Alexia’s mother, Felicia Christian, to find out what her opinion is about the whole incident and the resulting investigations.
Hello Felicia! Could you please tell us a little bit about Alexia? What sort of person was she?
Felicia Christian
Alexia was a very outgoing person. She had lots of friends, she knew a lot of people, she was friends with celebrities, and she did a lot of good things for people. She had a heart big as gold. She was very well known, very likeable and very talented. She could sing, dance, rap, and she loved her boys tremendously. She was a good big sister.
How close and trusting was your relationship with her?
Felicia Christian
She was my first born and we went through a lot together. Out of all my children, she was the one that would show up when all of them probably wouldn’t. I had a rough background myself and she was one child that I know for sure that no matter what I was going through, she didn’t hold that against me.
Maybe it’s hard to remember but could you please tell us your account of the tragic events surrounding her shooting?
Felicia Christian
Well, the day that she was killed, I was lying across my bed trying to get a little nap and I saw the incident unfolding on television. It was breaking news live and I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s horrible!” To be in police custody and BAM, in the back of a car like that. But me not knowing that it was so close to home, it went over my head basically. I had empathy and compassion at the moment, but then I didn’t figure out that it was anyone I knew so I didn’t get wild up about it. I went on to work later that evening, and the father of daughter’s kids called me and said I should try and get in touch with Alexia because he had seen her earlier that day downtown, and something had happened down there that fit her description. Immediately, I hang up on him, and I tried calling her phone. It kept going to voicemail, so I started calling the police department, and I asked them about the incident that happened downtown. I needed to see whether or not it was my daughter. As I proceeded to tell the dispatch officer – the officer that answered the phone – different things about her, she asked me to hold on a second. Little did I know that she was talking to the medical examiner on the other line, and everything that I said to her, she said to him. So she finally asked me if my daughter had anything on her stomach. I said yeah, and she was like, “I’m going to give you this phone number and I want you to call. So I called the number and I started to go through the spill of telling him about it all over again. He cut me off and was like, “Yeah, I told her there was a match!” and it was like the life had been sucked out of me right there. My heart dropped and I went home and called my family to let them know what had happened. I tried to go see her and they wouldn’t let me. They let my dad go and see her the following day. That’s what I recall of that day.
I’m very sorry for what happened. How did your friends and family react to this sad news?
Felicia Christian
Well, everyone was shocked. No one could believe what had happened to her, no one could believe that she was gone. My daughters took it really hard. My sister as well, she was really close to her. All of them were very close and they took it hard. It was a very big blow to our family.
What did the police say about the gun in the back seat? Is it true? Was there really a gun in the back seat?
Felicia Christian
Well, it’s been said that there was a gun in the back seat. But my thing is this: they said that she had stolen a truck that day. Well, I don’t feel that that’s true because my sister told me that she was at her house the day before in the same vehicle, so I don’t feel that she stole that truck. Then it was said that the gun was from the truck, that she had stolen the gun out of that truck. I don’t believe that either. At the end of the day, I don’t believe anything the APD has said because after fourteen and half months, they give me one video that I can’t see anybody on except for the traffic in front of the car, and they give me audio which you can draw any kind of conclusion from. I just feel that if they were being completely transparent, they would’ve given me more. At one time I was told that they had 18 videos, and they were all showing grainy. But that day they only showed me one, so I don’t understand how they went from 18 grainy videos to one video that showed nothing at all. I just have no trust in the Atlanta police right now.
It seems that they are trying to hide something by not wanting to release the rest of the footage.
Felicia Christian
Yeah, exactly. And what makes it even more clear that they’re trying to cover up something is that it took fourteen and half months for the APD to investigate the APD. They didn’t allow the GBI, the FBI, they didn’t allow any of them to come in and do the investigations. I need to know how much evidence they think the APD is going to find against the APD. They’re a brotherhood. They’re not going to find any fault in their brothers. I just don’t trust any of this.
In the aftermath of the incident, the police started talking more about her previous crimes. Do you think it was an attempt to shift focus from what happened that day?
Felicia Christian
Yeah, I do, because one thing I do know is, my daughter was very well known, even by the officers downtown. If they had felt in any way that she was a threat to them, they would have thoroughly searched her. I just feel like it’s a cover up.
Could you tell us what Alexia’s previous arrests were connected with?
Felicia Christian
They put that all over the news. I’m not really sure, but they said that she had possession of marijuana and she had gotten into trouble at Walmart.
And did you receive any kind of support from the Black Lives Matter movement? Were you able to organize any marches and protests for Alexia?
Felicia Christian
Yes. Black Lives Matter, Women on the Rise, they were very supportive.
Do you think the protests have had any effect so far?
Felicia Christian
Yes. It does give some kind of recognition as far as many people know, because there are many people that know nothing about this case. I did an interview for Tom Joyner a couple of days ago. They hadn’t even heard of this case.
Did you have any interest in police brutality issues before this incident?
Felicia Christian
Yeah. I’ve always had an interest in it because I felt like if they’re supposed to be here to protect and to serve us, if we are afraid of them, who will we go to when we need somebody? Who’s going to protect us besides God?
So how has your interest changed so far? Are you more or less actively involved?
Felicia Christian
My interest hasn’t changed. I’m more involved in it now, it’s more of a concern now because every day they’re doing something. I’m seeing more videos on the internet where police are causing death or harm to people, and that’s people of all races and genders. If I see a police pass by me or right behind me, I shouldn’t fear for my life because there’s a police officer in the vicinity of me.
Yeah. Unfortunately that’s the case with many of us now. So what happens next? Are you going to file a civil lawsuit?
Felicia Christian
Well, I’m going to leave that to my attorney. He’ll be investigating that and I’m going to follow his lead.
What about protesting? Will you be organizing any events in memory of Alexia?
Felicia Christian
Yeah, I’m looking for the activist groups that have been supporting me to help me form an action, because I really don’t know in which direction to go. This is nothing that I’ve ever had any experience with but I’m very eager to get this case seen in the media so that people can be aware of what has happened because to me it’s looking like a slip-up through the cracks.

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