Three Blacks Create International Hair App That Promotes Black Hairstyle

Findings by Mintel Research Group reveals a drop in the demand for hair relaxers while sale increases for the natural hair product.

Three talented Blacks, Nigerian John Eke, Eritrean Meron Berhe and Ghanaian Richard Kyereboah Jr have come up with the most innovative application to access over 400 hairstylists by the click of a button. The company was created in Ottawa, Canada by these brilliant Black men and lady in 2015.

The natural hair movement has become the favorite hairstyle of many hence; the demand for well-groomed hairstylist has become an essential and vital for almost every Black woman. This problem leads to the birth of the new phone application called Bantu App by the three Black people. The unique application allows users to make a choice of a stylist in a matter of minutes. Users have the opportunity to select the desired hairstyle, price or customer rating.

The application presents users with the contact details of the stylist to facilitate easy access. Although the app was created by the Canadians, the app is working in the U.S. aw well.

John Eke, a Carleton University graduate is the leader of the team. He is a software expert with over eight years of professional experience in the field of software design.

Richard Kyereboah Jr. is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has a speciality in economics and geography. He is operations and financial manager of the company. He has a four-year professional experience in the financial sector.

It is obvious that Black people have a culture and identity they are proud of and do not want to lose. These talented Black men and lady have proved that the more the system tries to bury the true identity of the Black person, the more impossible the mission gets. These brilliant Black people have exhibited innovation at its peak and need applauds and recognition. The Black person is useful and contributes positively to the society and not always violent as some people purposefully like to portray.

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