Trash Pick-Up In Flint Halted Since 1st August

“First the water, now trash” frustrated flint residents voice out their disappointment in the government.

Flint, Michigan is being widely known for its unstable water supply for years already. The city is currently battling with another harmful problem. According to a statement by the Mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver, trash in the community will not be collected until further notice. As of 1st August, garbage pickup was stopped because the government couldn’t come to a long-term agreement with its garbage disposal company after their contract expired.

The inhabitants of the city have been advised not to leave trash cans out to be collected because as it stands now, there is no one contracted to do that. City officials say, they are yet to enter into a new agreement with another company to do the job. Hence, the issue will be resolved in a few days, but given their track record, their assurances don’t give residents any hope.

The woes of Flint started in April 2014 when the state government of Michigan switched its water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River. Just about last year, medical research revealed that the water of Flint was contaminated with lead. Residents immediately raised alarm over the polluted water the government provided, sparking global outrage. Two years down the line, the after problem has still not been resolved and inhabitants of Flint, Michigan still battle with access to good drinking water.

This clearly shows that government is bias towards neighborhoods consisting of mostly Black people. A city without water now has to deal with the noxious situation of keeping trash in their homes. First, it was the water, now it is garbage. It seems authorities are intentionally making living conditions tough in Flint to force people to leave. What is next, will they suddenly stop providing electricity too? Will it be the same if the city is inhabited by white people only? Hardly ever.

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