Black Woman Suffered ‘Hate-Motivated’ Attack In Vermont

The first suspect does not look too much like a criminal.

The incident took place in Brattleboro on Sunday. A Black woman and a man, whose race hasn’t been disclosed by the police, were attacked and assaulted while walking down Elliot Street at about 9 p.m.

Luckily the attack ended with non-life-threatening injuries for both the victims. The African-American woman was also insulted as both of the abusers shouted racial slurs at her.

As the second person was “attacked randomly” the police considered the incident a ‘hate-motivated’ crime.

At the moment one of the suspects has already been arrested and identified. Mariam J. Belarj, 20, of Medford, N.Y., faces charges of disorderly conduct, hate-motivated aggravated assault, assault and robbery, and possession of stolen property, according to the latest released details.

Looking at Miriam’s photo one can hardly imagine how cruel she can be though you can see that from the list of her charges. When this ‘angel face’ walks down the street none of the patrolling officers will turn his head suspiciously not to speak about fearing for his life. Still, it but didn’t take her and her companion much effort to send an innocent Black woman to the hospital.

The second suspect, who has not been found yet, is described by police as a white male, at least 6 feet tall, wearing a blond ponytail.

We once again wish that the officers remembered that ‘thugs’ don’t always look like stereotypes and bias tell us.

We ask anyone with the information about the suspects to call Brattleboro police at 802-257-7950.

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