White Man Rams Into Two Black People With Confederate Flag Van

A Lake Worth man, Donald Lee Hicks, hurled racial slurs at Black couple at a parking lot and struck them with his van.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office report, a Confederate flag van driver rammed into two Black people on Saturday at the Diana Beach. The 41-year-old Black man, Shackus Davis and 67-year-old Black woman, Veronica Larkins stood at the parking space, reserving it for their family when Hicks drove to the spot to also park his van. They narrated that, after telling Hick their reason for standing there, he became furious and hurled racial slurs at them.

Donald Lee Hick boldly asked the two Black people if they didn’t see the Confederate flag in front of his truck, city police reported. Lee then rammed the two Black people with his van injuring them in the process. According to reports, both sought medical treatment for the knee injuries they sustained as a result of the barbaric act.

The 38-year-old Donald Lee Hicks was arrested on Saturday on two accounts of aggravated as physical attack with a deadly weapon. He is being held on a $40,000 bond at the Broward County jail. It is on police records that Hick is noted for violent crimes and has been arrested on a number of occasions for criminal acts which includes, hitting a police dog and battery.

It is very clear that this man committed a hate crime, but why isn’t it listed in his charges? It seems the police are always unwilling to actually describe the racial attacks by white people on Blacks as it should be. They try to hide behind other charges and not to term it as a hate crime. Per the police records, this man is arrested for crimes such as hitting a police dog. So what prevents the police to charge him with a hate crime just as his action demands?

It is obvious the Confederate flag is a symbol of hate; therefore all persons who exhibit it should be seen as potential threats to national peace.

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