How Police React To Sufferings Of Their Black Victims

“They’re putting him in cuffs. He’s dead. Oh my God”, “Now they cuffin’ him, he’s already dead” , “I’m losing my breath” ,“I can’t breathe” ,“My baby brother, they killed my baby brother”, “I’m going to the ground, just like this with my hands up.” All these are the words of bystanders and victims of police shootings ignored by police officers.

The above quotes and many others are the very last words victims of shooting incidents helplessly uttered in the most tragic and even last moments of their lives. This can be said of Alton Sterling, Eric Garner and more recently, Charles Kinsey.

Despite these words of the victims, the reaction of cops after gunning down these unarmed individuals is highly shocking . Most officers stand still as they watch victims struggle to death, whilst others use abusive words on the victims as the victims pass out.

In light of this, the general public has had a different understanding of police violence amidst the ubiquity of cell phone, dash cam and surveillance videos which are meant to render the police accountable for their actions and inactions. But scenes from these videos reveal the element of violence which portrays the insensitivity of cops especially towards Blacks.

Hearts grieve as cops are seen to show little or no concern for the persons they just shot, often fatally. As to whether or not the shooting and killing of Black victims is justified, it is best left for moral conscience to judge. Even in the dangerous of circumstances, the use of lethal force against another human being should be the last option. Yet, when lethal force is executed, victims are shown no care as it appears that in most cases victims bleed to death.

Citing a classical example of our assertion is the Charles Kinsey incident. From the shaky cell phone video which went viral, Kinsey was seen lying on the ground with his hands in the air. He was trying to explain to police that the other man had a toy truck and not a gun, contrary to the report the cops had had. Yet, one of the officers shot Kinsey three times in the leg. Then he was immediately handcuffed and left bleeding in the middle of the street for over 20 minutes as cops stood around unconcerned until the arrival of an ambulance.

After Baton Rouge police killed Alton Sterling, the officers appeared rattled by what had happened. But as for Sterling, they said to “just leave him,” according to a witness. In Ferguson, the officers left Mike Brown’s body in the street for four hours. In Chicago, Cedrick Chatman was shot four times, within 10 seconds. Right after the police handcuffed the dying teen, an officer placed his boot on top of him. After Cleveland officers shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, he was still alive. But the cops failed to offer basic medical assistance to the child with a toy gun. Instead, when his sister ran toward him the cops tackled her, dragged her down, handcuffed her and put in the backseat of a car, left to watch her brother continue to bleed while the officers did nothing. After shooting LaQuan McDonald, Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke can be seen in the video peacefully walking around the crime scene. When North Charleston police officer Michael Slager shot and killed Walter Scott, he casually walked toward his body. No one checked for a pulse. And these are only several examples of the way cops act just after they’ve shot a Black person.

Aren’t these the same personnel to protect our lives irrespective of race? Yet they are seen to be unconcerned insensitive murders of Blacks. They are only making it undeniably visible that “blue and white lives” matter than Black lives.

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