White Teens Pepper Spray Black Kids On Bicycle

Authorities are looking into a case of an alleged hate crime committed by three white teens.

Two 19-year-old boys, Peter Afentakis and Corey Knous, and John Schmidt, who is 18, were in a car driving by Pinellas Park when one of them spotted a group of kids on bicycles at a red light, whom they decided to insult. Schmidt, who wasn’t driving, rolled down his window and proceeded to yell racial slurs at the teens, using the N-word according to reports. The conflict between the two groups of boys resulted in Schmidt getting out of the vehicle and pepper spraying the black teens.

Police are still investigating whether or not a hate crime or child abuse charge should be levelled against the three white teens. Though that could just be another excuse to drag the issue until the culprits go unpunished.

The incident has shed light on another aspect of racism most people ignore, the hate and prejudice inserted into the minds of white Americans since early youth. It wasn’t just a misunderstanding between teenagers, the amount of bigotry displayed by these three boys rivals the KKK back in the times in American history when black people were hunted like animals.

The boy’s actions shouldn’t be justified or excused, as there is still a chance to change their mindset, which threatens the integrity of our society. Moreover, not taking such behaviour seriously enough may encourage others to follow their way.

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