Ex- Waller County Jailer Confesses To Forging Jail Logs In Sandra Bland’s Case

A shocking revelation in Sandra Bland’s case came to light recently: the guard wrote he checked on the deceased an hour before her death when he truly didn’t.

A source familiar with the state’s investigation into Bland’s death disclosed that special prosecutors were informed about the falsified records. Conversely, a Waller County grand jury did not act against anyone linked to the sheriff’s office.

The fairly new employee, Jailer Rafael Zuniga acted on the instructions given to him to log future checks after he had finished making his rounds, the source claimed. According to the Houston Chronicle, similar contraventions have resulted in disciplinary actions against the jailers, who forged records and other internal reports. A crime such as this is a violation of Texas state law and its counter mat to felony or misdemeanor charge.

28-year-old Sandra Bland met her untimely death in jail on July 13, 2015, just three days after her arrest. She was pulled over by the Texas Department of Public Safety trooper for failing to use a turn signal. The video footage from a dash cam shows a confrontation resulting in a quarrel, as the officer hauled Bland from her car and continuously threatened her. She was later charged with assault of an officer and jailed.

Bland’s family still refuses to believe the ruling, which defines Sandra’s death as a suicide. Geneva Reed-Veal, Bland’s mother, filed a federal lawsuit in Houston stating that her daughter shouldn’t have been in jail, to begin with. As at now, no one has been accused of Bland’s death. Nevertheless, Officer Brian Encinia has been fired from the Texas Department of Public Safety and now faces a charge of misdemeanor perjury.

The more details see the light the more violations are revealed inside the jail system. Only a massive check of the prisons can show how many more employees are ignoring their duties.

Sandra Bland is dead and all, what we ask for her is justice, but what we also have to demand is safety for hundreds of thousands of Black people, who may be kept in prisons now and are at risk of meeting the same end.

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