Police Commander Suspended for Alleged Falsehood in Charles Kinsey’s Case

The North Miami police officer who shot unarmed Kinsey has been recognized as a SWAT team member. His commander is suspected of lying about the details of the case.

According to the Miami Herald, a lawyer for Charles Kinsey expressed doubt about the words of the police union official, who claimed the shooting was a mistake. Charles Kinsey was shot three times by a SWAT team member, Jonathan Aledda on Monday when he was attending to a patient in the street.

Kinsey explained that he was helping an autism patient, who had escaped from a nearby group home. Apparently, an eyewitness mistook the patient’s toy truck for a gun and made a distress call to 911. A video footage reveals Kinsey lying in the street with his hands up in the air brusquely before he was shot.

This adds up to the recent police brutalities against Black people in America, but the explanation of the incident, provided by John Rivera, the head of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association goes beyond all reasonable bounds. Rivera stated that Aledda thought Kinsey was being attacked by the other man in the street. He further stated that in an attempt to shoot the other man the SWAT member mistakenly shot Kinsey, injuring him in the leg.

Kinsey’s lawyer, Hilton Napoleon rubbished the union leader’s story. He buttressed his claim by stating that it was highly unbelievable and unacceptable for a SWAT team member with four years experience to make such a blunder. He said that the officer should have warned Kinsey to move away if he wasn’t his target.

According to Kinsey, when he asked the officer why he shot him, he replied, “I don’t know.” Aledda has since been placed on administrative leave while authorities continue investigations into the matter.

Besides that, police officials have suspended Commander Emile Hollant without pay for another alleged fabrication concerning the case.

The given explanation of the incident looks just ridiculous. It seems to be a new trend for the police to assault people claiming it’s for their protection. There is a similar case where a woman, Sydney Tawater, was assaulted by a Texas cop, who later claimed he was protecting her.

How can a SWAT team member with such an experience miss his target and shoot the one he was supposed to defend? If he has such problems with eyesight, he should be relieved from duty. Anyway, we all know that all these fabrications and lies surrounding the case are nothing more than a new attempt by police to have each other’s backs.

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