DeRay Mckesson makes 13th candidate for Baltimore Mayor race

Will DeRay Mckesson make a difference as the Mayor of Baltimore or will he be filled with empty promises?

Civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson surprisingly joined the highly contested Baltimore Mayor race.

The already crowded race for the Mayoral seat of Baltimore just got excited this Wednesday night, as in the Democratic field, just minutes before deadline, filed in Mckesson.

The big question is, will DeRay Mckesson be full of promises but no action once in office? These are the concerns being raised amongst the Black voters of Baltimore.

Speaking to the Baltimore Sun, the Black Lives Matter member said, “Baltimore is a city of promise and possibility.” “It would include a call for internal school system audits to be made public,” DeRay added.

McKesson was the final candidate occupying the 13th place in the primaries. The 30-year-old Baltimore native and former public school administrator in Baltimore and Minnesota is part of the Campaign Zero team which seeks to end police killings in America.

With almost about 300,000 followers on twitter, McKesson is popular after protest movements. Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called him a “social media emperor.”

But front-runner Dixon claims he’s not heard of Mckesson and with just 3 months to go he won’t be distracted by his run.

A crowded Democratic field means with a little fraction of 369,000 registered voters, anyone could win the seat. And of course most blacks will rally with him but will Deray Mckesson deliver?, or just like our president, he will forget about Blacks? We live to see the outcome of the primaries come April 26.

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