Study: Black Car Owners Pay More For Auto Insurance Than Whites

White Privilege is everywhere, even in auto insurance.

A new report published by shows that Black Americans pay hundreds of dollars more for car insurance than whites. According to the research based on a study by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA), a Black car owner pays on average 70 percent more for mandatory insurance. “White girl would supposedly pay just $622 annually for auto insurance”, while a “Black girl would pay $1,060 annually.”

The study shows that Black neighborhoods are more affected than predominantly White neighborhoods. “If your neighborhood is 75% black (or higher), you can expect to pay 70% more for auto insurance”, according to the report.

In New York City, Black men pay $700 more than Whites for car insurance. It shows how racial disparities affect Black car owners.

The 4AutoInsuranceQuote stated that “not only did Black people pay the most for car insurance; they paid the most by a landslide. It was something that really concerned us… It’s something that should concern all Americans.”

Don’t forget this: not only does a Black driver pay more mandatory auto insurance but also is a prime target of traffic officers. African-Americans are mostly stopped and issued traffic tickets for just driving while Black.

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