Baton Rouge Sniper: The Attack Was Solely My Idea

Gavin Eugene Long, the Baton Rouge killer, states that the shooting was a motive of his own and he, therefore, takes full responsibility for his actions. Next time someone blames Black Lives Matter for the Baton Rouge shooting, show them this video.

After the fatal incident at the intended peaceful protest, the BLM group has been greatly accused of masterminding the shooting incident .But to the rescue of the BLM, the shooter Garvin Eugene Long has said in a video that has gone viral that, he had no affiliation with any group or agenda other than his own.

“I’m not affiliated with the black business school… any of my friends, any of my associations, those are just associations, I’m not affiliated with it. Yeah, I was also a Nation of Islam member. I’m not affiliated with it,” Long said. “I thought my own thoughts, I made my own decisions. I’m the one.”

In a video released by Gavin Eugene Long, he states clearly that the decision to use the radical means was his own and that no group should be blamed.  Despite his sympathy for BLM, he reiterates that the organization stands for peaceful fights against the oppressors of the Black race.

His affirmation that the incident was solely his idea comes as a relief to the greatly accused BLM. Indeed BLM has never propagated the message of cop killing but rather for peaceful protests across the country.BLM shares the view that such an attack goes a long to harm the civilians whose rights they seek to protect and fight for.

Anyway, over the years the issue of Black murder has gone a long way to humiliate the Black population. The numerous and constant police brutalities and the unwillingness of the Government to pay heed to the voices of the aggrieved Black race might have been the basis for the shooting incident.

Would considering reforms in the near future avoid such incidents? Maybe yes or maybe not. Quoting Gavin Eugene Long verbatim, “peaceful protests achieve nothing and it takes the weapon to make such protests results-achieving”. We therefore emphatically state that government should pay heed to the grievances of the Black community so that such fatal incidents are not witnessed again in the history of America.

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