Police Assault And Arrest Black Man Mistaken For Robbery Suspect

Asking before doing is not a police thing. #ImPatrick

Georgia police officers were at their worst during an unlawful arrest of an innocent African-American, Patrick Mumford, who was mistaken for a robbery suspect February 1, 2016.

24-year-old Mumford was Tasered and arrested without asking for his ID.  In a video released over the week, Mumford could be seen struck twice with a stun gun and handcuffed. By the way, watching the body camera video one can hear Black man shouting, “My name is Patrick!” trying to open officers eyes.

Mumford was at a Savannah home when three officers showed up with a warrant to arrest Michael Clay, a fair in complexion Black man who was wanted for robbery case in California and simple assault in Cobb County. The officer asked him out of his car and, without asking who he was, shot 2,000 volts on his back that had brought him to the hospital for some time.

Mumford’s attorney, Will Claiborne, said that the officers “were escalating things” in a “very confusing situation“, not asking for Mumford’s identification before using a Taser on him and handcuffing him, just like the Atlanta police officer, James R. Burns, who had “no idea” who he was shooting at when he killed a 22-year-old Deravis Caine Rogers.

Claiborne said that they look for “transparency and accountability” in the police department and demanded that the police department should apologize for the officers “mistake”.

Since the incident took place almost half a year ago, none of the officers were punished for their actions, which is why the police unexplainable violence underestimates people’s trust and makes them aggressive and violent in response. The least punishment is for those three officers to be fired.

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