18 Arrested During BLM Protest In Portland

Portland Black Lives Matter peaceful protest ended in 18 arrests after disagreed bystanders had involved.

Eighteen people were arrested at Portland Black Lives Matter protest on Friday, July 15. The protest was peaceful until some haters got involved expressing disagreement with protests messages that not only Black Lives Matter but also Blacks “are being disenfranchised on a daily basis”. First, a car pulled into the crowd near Pearl Street and several other Anti-protesters stepped forward provoking disorder.

As the tension escalated, the Portland police intervened, arresting eighteen of the Black Lives Matter protesters for obstructing a public way. Luckily, the 18 protesters were all bailed by Saturday morning, and no one was injured during the clash. The group also created a fundraising page to help take care of legal costs, and according to reports, it had reached more than required as of 12:00 noon.

The Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck was fast to comment the protests.

Of course their lives matter. Why wouldn’t they matter?” Sauschuck said. “I hear a group of people that say they’re angry, they’re frustrated, they feel oppressed, and because of that, they want to say, ‘Black lives matter too. Pay attention when these things happen in our society.’ And from a law enforcement perspective, I say of course they matter.”

However, his support is only verbal as he mentioned that Portland PD was not going to comply with protesters’ demand to set up body camera program, which would do police service much more transparent.

Pushing, arresting and shoving the protesters would hardly make them calm down; the official actions showing people that their lives and concerns do really matter – that is the answer.

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