The Bernie and Hillary race for “black votes”

The race to win the votes of the African-American people gets fiercer as facts and numbers starts making the difference.

After the Iowa Caucus, where Hillary Clinton won by a marginal victory, an understanding has come to voters that she, Hillary will share Iowa in a virtual tie with Bernie Sanders, who has a lot of money, and time to play out his primaries, going into New Hampshire as the favorite.

Clinton was initially the favorite with an “easy win” until Sanders came running in. This means the “Black votes” will be the determiner.

Clinton now, seems the favorite among African-Americans. But it will appear a paradox, as Clinton’s rise to power was based on throwing Black folks under the bus.

Corey Robin points out, in the 1990s, the Clintons conjured up images of welfare reform and the Omnibus crime bill, both of which were punishment for Black people
Then Bill Clinton’s repudiation of Black rapper and activist Sister Souljah and his decision on Ricky Ray Rector’s execution. And now criticisms for Hillary Clinton for her statement regarding Lincoln.

Amanda Girard promotes this line of reasoning, arguing, the Clintons base their legacy on white supremacy, positioning themselves as the champions of Black people.
Also when Bill was president in 1992, Democrats never mentioned racial injustice, for half a century, while state prisoners increased to 673,000.

Bill Clinton apologized for his role in mass incarceration at the NAACP convention. All in an attempt to smoothen things for his wife. But is that enough?

Bernie Sanders, supported the Clinton crime bill, but now seeks to take Clinton’s support among African-Americans. Sanders was dismissed as a leftist fringe candidate. But with over $28 million in cash to Clinton’s $38 million, the race is far from over. Most interesting, at what other costs will Hillary and Bernie have to pay to get all or most of the black votes?

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