Sermon On Anti-Racism: Jesse Williams Speaks At BET Awards

The “Grey’s Anatomy” Star uses the BET platform to seek equal rights for All in America

The renowned Grey’s Anatomy actor after receiving the network’s humanitarian award from BET chairman and CEO Debra Lee, for his immense role in the Black Lives Matter movement and other Black –related issues used the platform to preach the “Slack Sermon” .The actor dedicated the award to activists, civil rights attorneys, families, teachers, students who continuously fight against racism and Black brutalities. He advanced to say that the white system which was purposely built to divide and impoverish and destroy blacks cannot stand if we remain together in the fight against black oppression.

The Ace actor who happens to be a former history tutor honored Black women in particular for their lifetime dedication to nurturing responsible Black People to society. He commended the Black community in general and urged Blacks to incessantly fight black oppression.

Citing the deaths of Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and Darrien Hunt among other victims, he condemned the actions and inactions of the police as far as the issues of Black brutalities are concerned.

Critics attacking the Ace Actor are asking Shonda Rhimes; Showrunner of Grey’s Anatomy to fire the human right “preacher” and actor. But notwithstanding calls for his ‘firing’, the noble woman clearly jumps to the defense of the Award winner thereby silencing all critics. Shonda Rhimes has shown great support for the anti-racism sermon with the display of her defense.

Critics have again distorted Jesse’s speech and have made it look as though he spoke against law enforcement. But truth be told, his speech was aimed at protecting human rights. It, therefore, baffles our minds that people are signing a petition against the speech. The petition, which had signed by over 5,000 people by the time of this publication, called the speech a “racist rant” directed “against law enforcement and white people”.

In conclusion, we clearly draw support for Jesse Williams and his freedom to speak as he wishes according to the first amendment, and to keep his job at the same time. The Black liberation lives on.

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