No Pictures Of Blacks On Google In ‘Beautiful People’ Search

After her disappointing revelation Candace Edwards made up her mind to change the situation by starting “I Am Beautiful 365”.

We can only imagine the shock on Candace’s face when she didn’t see a single Black person represented in her “Beautiful people” search. This is very serious since Google is telling the whole world that there are no Black people who are beautiful. Besides that, it’s not the first case of internet engines being prejudiced against people of color.

With regard to the fact that the internet was created and controlled by Whites, it must be reflecting their bias.

In her determination to prevent such errors from reoccurring when she or anybody else searches again Candace created ‘I Am Beautiful 365’ in 2014, which encourages Black people to post pictures showing the world how beautiful they are.

According to Edwards, her creation was designed to “focus on creating a healthy image I would say for men, women, and children of color because there’s so much negativity out there about African-Americans when it comes to the media. So [we’re] just trying to constantly put something positive out there for people of color to see”.

She created a new site with the purpose of trading her children’s books and t-shirts, but after a while, it became an inspirational resource with positive true stories of success, and posts by Black people and their beautiful photos.

In my mind, it’s all about positive programming or positive brainwashing,” she explained. “I feel like perception equals reality. And so, unfortunately, we do see a lot of negative stuff on the news about people of color. And you’re gonna start to believe it if you see it all the time. So we need to put something else out there.”

We have to work together to recreate and represent a more positive image of a Black person since people are being taught the wrong things. Edwards’ experience shows that it is possible to succeed even if the World Wide Web itself is against you.

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