White Woman Shouts Racist Trash At A Black KCCI Reporter

Mother of a suspect killed in a police shooting yells at reporter, Emmy Victor, ‘Get the F–k Out of Here, You Stupid F–king N–ger’.

Emmy Victor, a young and talented black lady, who reports for KCCI news station, happened to have met a bereaved White woman who attacked her racially.

The woman is seen shouting and being very agitated, in the end, she eventually kicks the camera stand to the floor. All this while, Victor remained calm asking the woman to mind her language, though this even angered her more.

The safety of our crews is critically important, as they cover stories affecting our communities,” KCCI General Manager Brian Sather said in a statement. “This morning, Emmy and Zach demonstrated the utmost professionalism in the face of a very difficult, emotionally charged situation.”

Luckily no one got hurt. We appreciate Emmy Victor’s patience and wisdom, which allowed her to maintain self-control and forgive the aggrieved woman for her burst of rage. It’s always hard to lose a relative, especially have your relative killed by police, and Black people know that better than anyone else.

We hope that  Michael Disbrowe’s mother will find peace for herself and justice for her son, maybe even with the help of Emmy Victor’s report.

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