How Do Blacks And Whites See Race?

Researchers found out that Blacks and Whites are “sharply divided,” adding that “for many Blacks, racial equality remains an elusive goal.”

Many people wonder how Blacks and Whites consider race and racial issues. Everyone has their own opinion which can lead to either misunderstanding (if we do not agree) or promoting unity (if we consent to it).

In a recent report where thousands of people were asked about racism, the results were remarkable as Blacks are pay much more attention to the impact of the skin color.

When they were asked if this country could ever reach a point where Blacks would be treated the same way like Whites, about 40% of them doubt it. In nearly every sphere measured, including police brutality against Blacks, BLM, politics and presidency, “there’s a huge polarization between black and white Americans,” said Pew’s center worker, Juliana Horowitz.

According to the report, “blacks are about twice as likely as whites to point to discrimination as a major reason that some blacks have a harder time getting ahead.”

Both parties do not regard the nature of racism.

However, “Blacks are far more likely – at 71% – to say they have personally experienced discrimination in their lives,” Horowitz said. “Yet 3 in 10 whites also say they have been treated differently because of their race. On the other hand, when asked if their race has made life harder, 40% of blacks said it had while only 5% of white people said it had for them.”

These results are not surprising as it’s not a secret for anyone that Blacks are the most affected group speaking about race. The part of the problem is white people’s negligence towards discrimination and racism issues. They either ignore it or support it. Well, of course, enjoying white privileges is more pleasant than fight it in the society.

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