Black Unity March

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WHY are we holding the Black Unity March?
The black community is facing a number of serious problems. But all these problems are based on one core problem. We are being mistreated!
We must take a step backwards and find out where the roots of the problems are coming from. Why are we allowed to be mistreated?
We ALL are ancestors of African tribes, that were enslaved and brought here centuries ago. We experienced a lot of pain under the American flag. Slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, the war on drugs, police brutality etc. We were set free by the same government that enslaved us. We are NOT like other Americans. It’s time to build our own identity, develop our culture, our values etc. Only that way we’ll be treated with respect.
It’s time to unite and show love to our brothers and sisters because the voice of one man is the voice of no one. We should be united as never before.

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