#BreakTheWalls of Beauty Aisle Segregation, SheaMoisture Says

Beauty brand SheaMoisture has launched a national call to action by breaking the walls of Beauty aisle and divisive practices.

Apr. 08,2016


A 30-seconds video made by SheaMoisture is directed towards breaking diversity barrier in beauty fields. Segregation and racism have been the root of America for ages. Apparently, it is realized that it’s not only shown verbally or in actions, but also at the beauty areas. Many giant cosmetic shops in America do not sell items made for a wide range of skin color. Discrimination even in such common things like beauty products? Ridiculous!

According to Yahoo News, SheaMoisture has come up with haircare products for all ‘skin color’ as a means of putting an end to segregation and racism. “This is a systematic issue that has gone on for a very long time without anyone really having a platform or the engagement to help bring a change,” Richelieu Dennis, SheaMoisture’s CEO, said over the phone.

“There were beauty expectations set at a time when society as a whole did not think of multiculturalism and diversity. We are here to say ‘Hey, look, we are all beautiful.’ While we all might not look the same that doesn’t mean that one of us is any less beautiful than the other.”

“Kudos to SheaMoisture” for making market of beauty products equal to all races.  Women of all color are equally beautiful and this is the platform to show it.

Take a look at the short video below.

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#BreakTheWalls of Beauty Aisle Segregation, SheaMoisture Says

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