NAACP Demonstrates Against Kroger Over Firing

A black manager at Kroger was fired for having an altercation with a white employee.

Apr. 08,2016


A 25-year experienced African-American working at a grocery store as a manager was fired because there was an altercation between him and his white subordinate.

A demonstration led by the President of NAACP, Naomi Hodge-Muse was held at Kroger Monday and concerned the African-American’s expulsion. According to Hodge-Muse, on Feb. 10, the African-American, who happened to be the third-shift manager, engaged in an argument with his subordinate. The manager was fired two days afterwards, and Hodge-Muse says it’s described as a “contrivance.”

Hodge-Muse said several discrimination incidents which happened are handled behind closed doors to achieve a resolution. But Kroger never cooperated when the NAACP and she tried to solve it amicably, so they left them with no choice than embarking on demonstration.

“Everybody has a right to a civil working environment,” Hodge-Muse said. “Nobody should go to work with their stomach balled up in a knot and be discriminated against.”

Surprisingly, Kroger finds the dismissal appropriate, but it’s quite clear when it happens to be black. African-Americans suffer these unfortunate situations in most of the American workplaces. The only thing that can be deduced in this is racism and racial disparity.

The NAACP plans to embark on this demonstration until the manager is reinstated.

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NAACP Demonstrates Against Kroger Over Firing

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