Operation Reset – Giving Ex-Offenders, Veterans, And Homeless A Second Chance

Rocky McKay, a Black businessman, helps returning citizens and homeless individuals reset their lives on the right path.

An African American businessman, Rocky McKay, is leading the line in ensuring that returning citizens, including veterans, nonviolent ex-offenders, and homeless individuals get another shot at resetting their lives.

Rocky McKay, who is also known as Rocky the Roofer, is motivated by the fact that people, who have served their time and paid their debts to society, veterans, who have defended our democracy and liberty in the frontlines of our nation’s Armed forces, and the homeless, deserve a chance for a better life – a chance to adjust and reintegrate into society.

Operation Reset, an initiative of The Operation Organization Inc., a nonprofit organization, McKay established in 2010, is designed to provide training, skills, education assistance, and confidence-building to returning citizens and homeless people looking for a second chance.

According to McKay, Operation Reset is helping reduce recidivism and homelessness by reaching out “to those that have been told ‘NO’ for so long due to their backgrounds, poor decision making, lack of work experience, or simply because they’re homeless.”

McKay is a successful businessman from Long Island, New York, who runs RTR Consulting, an Atlanta-based roofing business.

His decision to start the Operation Reset initiative came as a result of a life changing epiphany he had from his 90-day encounter with the justice system, which changed his perspective into the plight of ex-offenders.

“I can say that the Operation Organization and the Operation Restart program came through a personal experience of mine, where I found myself getting locked up one day,” McKay said, adding that he has no felony record as a result of the jail experience.

McKay came to realize from his time behind bars that the only difference between himself and ex-offenders, whom prior to his incarceration he had shunned, is the opportunities and directions that many of them lack.

Rocky the Roofer’s Operation Reset is making the difference with a $5 million savings and plans to expand projects to the national level with satellite offices in regions throughout the U.S. adding to his projects in Georgia, Virginia, and Florida.

According to McKay, one of the Operation Reset program’s main goals is to engage employers from all industries to partner with the Operation Organization as a whole in creating a pipeline, through which they can train people and get them on the right path.

McKay’s program could be very beneficial to African Americans, who cannot seem to land a job even after paying their debts to society, as well as to veterans who find it extremely difficult to get a job in the country, which they fought for.

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