Tax Increase Fails Impede Reforms In Ferguson

Ferguson voters last Tuesday decided the fate of the proposed increases in the taxes and sales for the community.

Apr. 06,2016


Two tax increases were proposed in Ferguson in order to clear about 80 percent of the city’s $2.9 million deficit, but voters approved one and rejected the other creating some uncertainty about whether the city can afford to make changes to its municipal court following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

Darren Wilson, the officer involved in Brown’s shooting, was cleared of wrong doing, but the Justice Department investigation raised alarming concerns about racial bias in policing and in the municipal court system.

With regard to the above mentioned, the Justice Department reached an agreement with the city of Ferguson to reform its police and court systems, which are marred by bias and racial injustice. The city agreed to introduce new measures in order to help reach this agreement.

Unfortunately, the current state of the city’s budget is not good enough to help create a better police department and therefore there is a need to increase in taxes.

The ruling of Judge Jon Beetem on March 28, limited the city’s revenue from traffic tickets and court fines making it close to impossible for this reform to be carried out.

The increase in tax was also a way of helping to reduce the current financial burden of Ferguson.

The failure in rising taxes will force the city to lay off police officers and close one of its two fire stations making it difficult to meet the demands of the Justice Department.

The black residents of Ferguson need these changes involving the policing of their communities in order to rid the city of the injustice in which it is deeply buried.

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Tax Increase Fails Impede Reforms In Ferguson
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