Cop Responsible For Wrongful Conviction Of Black Teen Faces Charges

James Tolbert, a former Flint Chief of Police, faces criminal charges for contributing in 14-year-old Davontae Sanford’s wrongful conviction.

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office reported over the week that they are preparing a warrant for ex-cop James Tolbert, who falsely testified against black teen Davontae Sanford wrongly convicted of murder in four deaths at a drug house in 2008.

In 2010, Tolbert presented in court a sketch of where the incident took place, which prosecutors used as evidence to convict the then 16-year-old teen. Tolbert made a sworn testimony that poor Sanford drew and gave him the sketch.

In September 2015, Tolbert confessed during an interview that he did draw the sketch and not Sanford. After almost nine years in jail, Sanford was released, because prosecutors said the ex-Flint cop contradicted his sworn testimony.

Thursday, June 9, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said,  “Deputy Chief Tolbert, at the time with the Detroit Police Department, responded to questions that undermined his prior testimony under oath (that Mr. Sanford created a sketch from a blank piece of paper). It called into question the building blocks of our case.”

This is just another revelation of how evil our cops are. They either physically kill innocent blacks or find every possible way to send them to jail, where they can slowly die, day by day.

If Tolbert is convicted, he’ll face a life imprisonment for lying under oath. But can the justice system be trusted, if they decide to sentence one man to only 6 months in jail for rape case and another maybe locked for  six years for the same offence, the latter, who did not even commit the crime?

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