Black Man Suffocated To Death By CA Police

A man was killed by police in a way similar to that of Eric Garner.

May. 17,2016


We have hardly had time to recover from the shock of a tragic death of Eric Garner when the disturbing news of police committing another sickening murder hit the media and immediately captured national attention.

James Greer was killed by BART police officers during a traffic stop on May 23, 2014. Police blatantly lied about what occurred prior to Greer’s death but were exposed after the video of the “execution-style killing” went public.

The man was pulled over for driving erratically and allegedly refused to take a field sobriety test. However, the footage showed him being actually obedient and ready to cooperate with police.

A struggle started after Greer, scared of the massive police presence, attempted to back away with his hands up. Apparently, police didn’t like that decision of James Greer which, unfortunately, cost him his life.

The officers grabbed the man, forced his hands back and pinned him to the ground. Cops placed Greer in handcuffs still holding him down which led to excruciating pains in his stomach.

To make the situation worse, the cops piled on top of Greer and tased him multiple times. The man was gasping for breath as the cops were suffocating him for more than 6 minutes. Handcuffed and motionless on the ground, he did not receive immediate aid and was later pronounced dead at the Saint Rose Hospital.

Both Greer and Garner were killed by strangulation for the offenses that didn’t cause any harm to people around. Those terrible murders sparked massive outrage among black people across the country.

Now let’s think of how many footages showing police abuse of power are being withheld in order to cover their wrongdoings? How many officers remain unpunished and walk free with blood on their hands? We demand all recordings capturing police misconducts to be publicly released in the interests of transparency!

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Black Man Suffocated To Death By CA Police
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