What Has Changed Six Years After Aiyana Stanley-Jones murder?

Yesterday, all the American Black community mourned the death of a little Black girl, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, again. On May 16, 2010, an innocent 7-year-old baby was brutally killed by a Detroit police officer during a raid. What has changed in the life of the family of the slaughtered girl and in the life of the murderer since then?

The answer to this question is too sad: nothing has changed for both the family and the murderer of Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

On January 28, 2015, a prosecutor cleared the killer, Officer Joseph Weekley, of the last remaining charge against him. And though this tragedy triggered the nationwide discussion on the state of black girlhood in America, the Stanley-Jones family still seeks justice and the murderer still works on the force, enjoys his blue privilege and can potentially kill another Black kid.

Did the family of Aiyana make peace with their tragic loss six years after it? They didn’t and they never will until the murderer is free and working for the force. The murderers must rot in jail. Simple as that. No privilege (white or blue) should give the right to kill a Black baby and go free. The peace for the Black community is impossible until Joseph Weekley is brought to justice for taking Aiyana’s life.

If you agree that American Black children must have the right to live without the threat of being killed or injured by police, join us on May 21, 2016, during the rally held by BlackmattersUS in Detroit outside the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

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