Chicago Cop Kills Black Woman And Resigns Only 4 Years Later

Chicago officer Dante Servin, who fatally shot Rekia Boyd in 2012, resigns two days before he was to be fired.

May. 18,2016


The 22-year-old African-American, Boyd, was shot dead by Servin, who was off-duty on March 21, 2012. She and her friends were walking and chatting on the street when Servin came from nowhere without uniform and asked them to be quiet. Servin claimed that he shot Boyd because he saw her with a gun moving towards him, but only a cell phone was found at the scene.

Servin was charged with involuntary manslaughter, but a year later, a judge Dennis Porter acquitted him from all charges. Porter said that Servin had been improperly charged.

Despite suggestions from the police superintendent Garry McCarthy and the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire Servin, he was still in the police force until now.

The Chicago police board over the week announced that Servin had resigned two days before the board could decide whether to fire him or not.

Brandon Smith, a freelance journalist who sued the city to release a dash-cam video of Laquan McDonald’s fatal shooting in 2014, said “If they had moved to fire him [Servin] in a matter of weeks … they could have pointed to that as an example of how they aggressively investigated and discipline officers,” he said. “As it was, they had no examples.

The police board failed to set an example in disciplining officers who abuse their power. People like Servin should be in jail for murder, but they are left freely to move in the society without facing any punishment.

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Chicago Cop Kills Black Woman And Resigns Only 4 Years Later
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