Survivors of Police Violence~ A Mindful Healing Workshop


Description: Survivor’s of Police Violence is a workshop that is specially for individuals (or those who have family) who have had any kind of traumatic encounter with the police or law enforcement. In this workshop, Sara` will guide us to explore the sacred arts of mindful story-telling, poetry, a gentle mindful yoga practice intended to restore the body and bring us in touch with the healing power of emotional exploration through movement.

The intention of this workshop is to create a healing container and inclusive space to use the power of the mind, movement, the voice, and the breath to bring awareness to the unique nature of the suffering which can be encountered in communities of color in interactions with the police. The intention is to become more mindfully aware of how this kind of stress impacts our bodies, minds, spirits, and our community at large.

By sharing our stories in a safe place, and learning tools for developing mindful awareness, we will forge relationships that are healing and become better equipped to not only respond to police violence from a place of mindful empowerment, but we will also move towards the cultivation of peace so that we are strengthened and supported in doing the healing work that needs to be done between our communities and law enforcement.

Green Tree Yoga Meditation Foundation, 8227 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, California 90047

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