Speak-Out! UofC Stands With Chicago Teachers


They want to starve our schools to feed the rich.

This Friday, the Chicago Teachers’ Union will lead a one-day strike against Rahm and Rauner’s program of austerity for public education. The CTU will be joined by the faculty and students of public universities facing cuts and even total closure– as well as the members of over 30+ community organizations from all over Chicago who have signed on to show their solidarity.

UofC students will show their solidarity with the fight for public schools and services with a speak out. Join us and invite everybody you know.

As soon as the speak out is over we will travel downtown to support the Fight for Funding coalition rally and march with tens of thousands at the Thompson Center: https://www.facebook.com/events/602204043265015/

Everyone is welcomed to come speak and sponsor the event.

Sponsoring Groups:
UChicago Graduate Students United
UChicago International Socialist Organization
U of C SDA (Socioeconomic Diversity Alliance)
SOUL (Students Organizing United with Labor)
Block 58
SEIU Faculty Forward UChicago
Southside Solidarity Network
American Association of University Professors (U of C chapter)
Students for Health Equity
Fight for Just Food

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