So, Black Lives Matter?


On Tuesday October 18th, BSU will be hosting an event entitled “So…Black Lives Matter?”.

We want to have a conversation. To be listened to, we must listen, and as a student organization, we welcome all.

The event will have a panel of distinguished guests that will respond to general questions posed by the moderator (Kadeem Hall), and the audience will also be given the opportunity to respond to certain questions and voice their opinions at certain times during the program.

This event is aimed at bringing the NSU and local community together to have a conversation, one that addresses social issues in our country affecting the black community. Through this discussion we hope to:
* Provide optimism for the future of Black America
* Provide a sense of community among students, faculty/staff and the local community
* Positively impact all attendees intellectually and emotionally

ATTIRE: Black tie affair (recommended), All are welcome.

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