Smiles4Rekia Part 2


Monday, March 21st will mark four years since CPD officer Dante Servin murdered our beloved sister, Rekia. Martinez the wonderful warrior he is, said that he wanted a comedy show to highlight the fact that Rekia’s smile lights up the room and that Rekia was always a bundle of joy and love. SO we are bringing a comedy show in order to honor the life of Rekia!

We are honoring Rekia Boyd:

Please join us and her Family in celebrating her life with joy and laughter, her loving Brother Martinez said “her smile lights up a room.”

Our host for the night is the really funny Doc Love!

Our Special guest for the night is Damon Williams, Tmurph and Dave Helem! And a beautiful line up of some of Chicago’s funniest comedians!

Special shot out to Zoe Leigh for making this event happen!

Doors open at 8:30pm

41 going     76 interested
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